Quickpay Agreement Id

QuickPay Agreement ID: An Overview

QuickPay Agreement ID is a unique identifier assigned to an agreement between QuickPay and a merchant. This ID is used by the payment gateway to identify the merchant and the services that have been agreed upon.

For those who are not familiar with QuickPay, it is a payment gateway that allows businesses to accept payments online from various payment methods. It is widely used in Europe and is known for its reliability and user-friendly interface.

Why is QuickPay Agreement ID important?

The QuickPay Agreement ID is important because it ensures the security of the payment process. When a merchant signs up with QuickPay, they are given an agreement ID, which is used to authenticate their account. This ID helps to prevent fraudulent activities and provides an additional level of security to the payment process.

Moreover, the ID is a reference point for the merchant that gives them access to their account information, payment history, and transaction details. They can use the ID to retrieve their payment information, track their payment records, and reconcile them with their bank statements.

How to find the QuickPay Agreement ID?

Merchants can find their QuickPay Agreement ID by logging into their QuickPay account and navigating to the settings section. Once they are in the settings section, they can click on the `account` tab and look for the `QuickPay Agreement ID.`

Alternatively, they can contact QuickPay customer service for assistance in finding their Agreement ID.


In conclusion, QuickPay Agreement ID is a critical element in the payment process that provides security and reliability to merchants who accept payments online. It is easy to find, and merchants should keep their Agreement ID safe and secure to avoid any unauthorized access to their account. By doing so, merchants can confidently accept payments online without worrying about fraudulent activities.